Repeat Drive Brushed

If you are looking for a seriously good motor and gearbox combo for antweight (1lb) competition, look no further. These motors can draw up to 2A and are seriously powerful for their size.

  • Custom wound brushed motor
  • 2s-4s rated voltage
  • 16mm, 22.6:1 all metal planetary gearbox
  • 3mm or 4mm “D” extra long output shaft
  • 26g weight
  • 10.5mm M2 Face mount hole pattern


  • 12V input (3S)
    – 1220rpm free speed
    – 2A stall current
    – 544 stall torque
    – 1.7W maximum power output
  • 7.4V input (2S)
    – 752rpm
  • 14.8v input (4S)
    – 1504rpm
These gearboxes can only accept ~2mm of face screw engagement. Using screws that are too long will result in damage.
These motors are being used in robot combat, where anything might happen. We are unable to accept returns for battle-damaged products.
Weight 1 lbs
Shaft Size

4mm, 3mm

Pre-Soldered Leads & Connectors

Yes, No