Quarkmine Competitive Robotics Programs

Our robotics competitions give everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn from their peers. Quarkmine has a passion for robotics, workforce development, technology, and manufacturing that gets students excited and equips them for success.


Quarkmine’s SRL is a robotics competition focused on design, manufacturing, and workforce development. Go head-to-head to find the superior design.

  • Design, manufacture, and compete
  • Workforce development
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • 3D printing (additive manufacturing), CNC, laser cutting (subtractive manufacturing) 
  • Registration includes yearly materials
  • Great family activity!


Quarkmine’s ERL is a platform-independent highly flexible robotics competition focused on computer science, engineering, and strategy.

  • Platform independent
  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Computer science, engineering, and strategy
  • Full-service—Quarkmine equipment and instructors OR
  • School-owned equipment and coaches


Quarkmine’s ORL is a robotics competition with few restrictions. Bring your own bots to battle it out on the competition floor. Ant-weight and beetle-weight.

  • Destination events
  • Few rules
  • Bring your own equipment
  • Coming in 2023!