What is Quarkmine?

[kwark-mahyn, kwahrk-mahyn]

verb ,  quarkmined, quarkmining

  1. relating to technical concepts, ideas or theories: to simplify into smaller parts for the purpose of learning, doing, or creating a more complex thing
    We had never built a drone but today we finished quarkmining the project and flew it around the room!
    It is a lot easier to learn CNC if you quarkmine it.

[kwark-mahyn, kwahrk-mahyn]

proper noun

  1. A company created (quarkmined) to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in northern Michigan through events, education, and project-based hands-on learning
    Quarkmine ran the robotics competition last weekend and it was amazing!
    I took a class at Quarkmine and learned how to make an autonomous boat.