2507 1800 Kv Brushless Weapon Motor

This is the brushless weapon motor used in SRL. Capable of tip speeds of over 350 MPH on an SRL robot, this small motor packs a punch in its small size. The pre-soldered version is color-coded for SRL robots.

  • Customized for SRL
  • The pre-soldered version corresponds to SRL brushless ESC for counter-clockwise rotation when colors are aligned
  • 3-6S LiPo battery rated
  • 1800Kv
  • Shaft: 5mm
  • Mounting holes: M3
  • Size:   30.8mm diameter, 36mm height from bottom to tip of shaft
  • Weight: 50g with SRL connectors, 44g without connectors
This brushless motor can only accept ~3mm of mounting plate engagement. Using screws that are too long will result in damage to not only the motor but also cause a current over draw, resulting in possible fire.
These motors are being used in robot combat, where anything might happen. We are unable to accept returns for battle-damaged products.
Pre-Soldered Leads & Connectors

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