Robot Comms Bundle


This robot communications bundle includes the necessary electronic components needed for combat robotics. A controller (transmitter) with a form factor kids love, a radio (receiver) with enough channels to handle add-ons, and a convenient carrying case. We’ve also pre-programmed the bundle for SRL-style controls and safety!

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This controller and radio bundle (transmitter/receiver) is a familiar form factor that makes operating a robot easier. We have also included a carrying case and charging cable for the controller.

Controller Features:

  • Dual self-centering sticks
  • Rotary-style knob on top left
  • Momentary-style push button on top right
  • Two (2) three-way switches, one on each side
  • Easy-to-use trim buttons with audible center
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eight (8) channels
  • Per-channel failsafes
  • Four (4) groups of mix controls

Radio Features:

  • 8 Channels
  • FHSS spread spectrum
  • Operating voltage: of 3-15V
  • Signals: SBUS, PPM, PWM
  • Size without antenna: 41mm x 21.3mm x 11.5mm (1.614″ x .839″ x .453″)
  • Weight: 7g (.25 oz)
Weight 2 lbs
  • Controller – RadioLink T8S – Quarkmine Edition
  • Radio – RadioLink R8EF – Quarkmine Edition
  • Carrying Case – Quarkmine Edition
  • USB Cable

The controller and radio have been pre-programmed for SRL Controls.