getting started

Welcome Coaches and Teams!

There are four important areas to review as you are getting started with SRL.

Coaches, if you have any questions, be sure to contact us at the email provided on your welcome flyer or use our contact formPlease include your school and team name.


SRL Ethos and Rules

Click on each section for the basic rules of SRL below

SRL is a fun entry-point for battling robots. By nature, robots will get beat up, shredded, torn apart, and potentially destroyed. Competitions are a chance for teams to show off their identity, what they have learned, and be inspired by other teams. 


  •  Fun and light-hearted
  • An opportunity for students and adults to collaborate, explore, and learn together
  • A place where your robot might get destroyed – and that’s expected
  • Where teams want to see other teams at their best
  • Great for practicing soft skills and sportsmanship
  • Where safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • All about winning
  • Hard to understand
  • A place to be too serious 
  1. Robots weigh a maximum of 1 pound (453.6 grams). Please note the competition battery weighs .052 pounds/24 grams – teams should plan accordingly.
  2. Robots electronics are restricted to those provided in the team’s kit and may not be modified.
  3. Robot add-ons and weapons are only made of simple plastics 1/4 inch thick or less and other acceptable materials. Acceptable materials include cardboard, household plastics from recycling, card stock, packing foam, and similar non-metal or non-hardened materials. 3D printing is limited to PLA, PLA+, PETG, and ABS – the spirit of this rule is to allow an easy entry point and limit the destructive capabilities of each robot.
  4. Robots must fit in the testing box. The internal dimensions of the testing box are approximately 20 x 20 x 20 inches.
  5. Robots should not have features that are likely to become entangled (nets, strings, etc.).
  6. Robots MUST utilize manual switches provided.
  7. The only stored energy source permitted is the battery provided at competition.
  8. Team creativity, decorative features, and features designed for showmanship are HEAVILY encouraged.
  1. Teams will operate in a manner that is safe at all times.
  2. Teams will practice a culture of community, fun, and sportsmanship.
  3. Respect team mates and other SRL participants, staff, and administration.
  4. Establish a team identity.
  1. Teams will follow event staff instructions at all times.
  2. Teams will check-in and pass inspection prior to competing.
  3. Robots may only be powered on inside the competition arena and approved testing box.
  4. Robots will be safety clamped at all times outside the competition arena.
  5. The competition finals format is a double-elimination tournament bracket. However, other play opportunities, such as rumbles and grudge-matches, may be permitted.
  6. Matches are 2 minutes long and begin with a countdown after all teams in the match are ready.
  7. The field trapdoor will open when there are 30 seconds remaining in the match.
  8. Matches will run until one robot remains moving in a controlled manner and on the field, a tap out occurs, or the maximum match time elapses.
  9. A robot is considered KO’d if it is no longer moving in a controlled manner, is counted out by the referee, exits the field via the trapdoor, or is unable to move into the field because of the trapdoor.
  10. Teams may tap out at any time.
  11. Pinning is trapping a robot against a wall or walls in a manner where the robot is unable to move away. Pinning is allowed for up to 5 seconds as counted by the referee. After 5 seconds, the pinning robot must release the pinned robot.
  12. The competition referee is in charge at all times during a match and may end matches for reasons of safety or discretion. All referee rulings are final.
  13. In the event that the maximum match time elapses with no clear winner, winner will be chosen by a judge or judges based on three independent criteria: Damage (6 points), Aggression (3 points), and Control (3 points).

Recommended Supplies

These are the supplies we recommend and the purpose of each item. Ultimately the supplies that are needed will depend on existing resources, the amount of build interest, the team’s identity, and desired practice schedule. 

  1. (1) or more 9-volt batteries – for operating the robot chassis in practice conditions
  2. (8) or more rechargeable AA batteries – for operating the robot transmitter
  3. M3 screws of various lengths for attaching add-ons and decorations
  4. M3 hex key  (allen  wrench)
  5. Other Small Tools
  6. Hot glue gun and hot glue
  7. Zip Ties
  8. Digital Scale
  9. Toolbox or other storage containers for transport
  10. Cardboard, packing foam, card stock, milk jugs, etc.
  11. Decorations, glitter, balloons, markers, etc. 
  12. Costumes, banners, team flags, mascots, etc. 


SRL robots are designed for going head-to-head inside the competition arenaSafety is the most important aspect of having an exciting and safe experience. Unsafe robot operation or horseplay is not permitted in SRL. 

General Safety Guidelines

  • Active weapons must be locked with a weapon lock at all times when outside of the competition arena or testing boxes
  • Robots may only be operated in the competition arena or testing boxes, and only once competition arena and/or testing box doors are closed and secure
  • Teams must follow SRL staff directions at all times

Battery and Fire Guidelines 

  • Damaged batteries, puffy batteries, or batteries that will not accept a charge should not be used due to potential fire hazard
  • Battery disposal bins are located at all SRL events; team members and coaches should note the location of these bins
  • SRL staff will assist you with battery issues if you do not feel safe handling the battery or your robot

Competition Arena Load In/Load Out Procedure

  • Handout coming soon!

Team Identity

Team identity is an essential and fun part of the SRL experience. While identity is up to each team, here are some ideas to help get you started.

  • Team name – this is the foundation for your team identity
  • Costumes – these could be anything from team shirts to full-blown costumes
  • Pit area and robot transportation – decorate
  • Team color or colors
  • Logo
  • Team dance, handshake, victory pose, etc.
  • Banners, signs, etc. – held by spectators in the crowd!
  • Robot decorations (still must stay within weight limits)