BaneBots T40 Wheel Sets

We sell sets of two (2) BaneBots T40 wheels, two (2) T40 hubs, and their necessary hardware. T40 wheel sets combine good durability and traction.

T40 series wheels are constructed with a thermoplastic rubber tread bonded to a polypropylene core, making them lightweight and durable while providing excellent traction. All T40 Series wheels have a 1/2 hex bore and are designed to be mounted using T40 series hubs.

T40 Hub Options:

  • 4mm shaft bore
  • 3mm shaft bore

T40 Wheel Options:

  • Durometer: 50A (harder/blue), 40A (softer/orange)
  • Outer Diameter: 1-7/8″, 1-5/8″

4MM Shaft, 3MM Shaft


1-5/8", 1-7/8"


40A (Orange/Softer), 50A (Blue/Harder)

  • Two (2) T40 Wheel Hubs
  • Two (2) T40 Wheels
  • Two (2) 1/2in External Snap-Rings
  • Two (2) 6-32 x 1/8″ Set Screws