August 6-10

Join us and embrace the many exciting sides of STEM during Quarkmine STEM Week!

STEM is a mind bending, problem solving approach to real problems that surround us everywhere! Tap into your creativity to solve problems and dig deep into everything you know about Science, and Math while using cool Technology to think like Engineers!

New activities will be explored during each session! (This week will not focus on Vex Robotics)
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STEM Week Daily Schedule

  • 7:30 - Early Drop Off Begins
  • 9:30 - Morning STEM Activities
  • 12:00 - Lunch Break
  • 12:30 - Afternoon STEM Activities
  • 3:00 - Late Pickup Begins
  • 5:00 - Quarkmine Closes
  • STEM Activities: $50 / half day
  • Register for 4, get 2 free
  • Register for 6, get 4 free
  • Early Drop Off: $5/30 minutes
  • Late Pickup: $5/30 minutes

Students participating in both morning and afternoon sessions should bring a bagged lunch.

Sample Activities

Water Activities - Prepare to get wet and bring a towel

  • Balloon Drop - Bounce or Spat : How High?
  • Bucket Brigade - From point A to B, What works and what's wet?
  • Frozen Tee Shirt - How cold is cold?
  • The Water Wheel - Can we make power?


  • Water Wheel - Can rivers make power?
  • Jump Rope Generator - Exercise makes power???  How???
  • Potato Powered LED - How do batteries really work?

Things that Fling and Fly - What goes up must come down.  Really?

  • Whirl-y Gigs - How high can they go?
  • Paper Airplanes - Does weight really matter?
  • PingPong ball launcher
  • Rubber Band Powered...Boat, Car, Rocket...
  • Balloon Rockets
  • Air Powered Paper Darts - How can I hit the bulls-eye?
  • Candle Powered Launch.  Heat rises.  But does it have lifting power?

Let's Break Stuff!

  • What's inside a Toaster, Computer, DVD Player, TV, 

The Great Divide - How wide is too wide? CRASH BANG

  • Balsa-wood Bridges
  • Spaghetti Bridges
  • Cardboard Bridges