Quarkmine Space

Learn, make, share, create, game, and more - in short quarkmine.

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When Quarkmine began, our main focus was on working with schools to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by running and supporting exciting events such as robotics competitions. It wasn't long before we realized that northern Michigan needed more - it needed something that would make STEM accessible and exciting for all ages.

Nearly 4000 square feet under a towering pyramid at the revitalized Logan's Landing west side (map). Whether you want to tinker, program, learn, compete, or game, when it comes to Technology Quarkmine Space has you covered. Quarkmine Space is also a great place to hang out, work, make, and collaborate. Come and check it out!

Connect with us today to setup an appointment to tour the possibilities of Quarkmine Space. (231) 421-1987



Tinker, create, and collaborate. We are setup with work areas, computers, tools, and equipment.



Compete, game, and have fun. With in-house and external events, there are plenty of opportunities to shine.



Think, do, test. The foundation of make and play is in quarkmining the task.

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