School Assemblies

This is an exciting way to introduce an entire school to a new program that they can engage in - in the same way they play sports, sing in a musical or join a drama club.

Students will explore what makes a robot a robot, how robots differ from remote control cars, and how a robot senses the environment. Our assemblies get kids excited about robotics and show them the technology of tomorrow is not out of their reach.

Quarkmine will provide all necessary equipment and instructors for a fun hands-on robotics experience.

  • 75 - 150 studentsDriving at a school assembly
  • 45 minutes
  • Multiple session discounts
  • Evening parent’s informational meeting included
  • Call us at 231-421-1987 or email us to get started and for rates

We follow up our assemblies with an informational meeting for parents. Engaging your community is the best way to create a sustainable robotics progarm at your school!

School Support Flyer