Special Matches

A Tournament may have opportunities for special Matches. These matches are generally for teams that have been eliminated from the Tournament Bracket, and are only offered at full-length Tournaments. These Matches are intended to give teams in the Tournament Bracket time to make repairs and maintain their robots, as well as give teams that have been eliminated additional time in the Battle Arena.

Rumble Rounds

One of the styles of special Matches is the Rumble Round. These Matches feature more than two robots in the Battle Arena. During the Tournament, Rumble Rounds may be part of a special Tournament Bracket to determine a Rumble Round champion, or they may be “Last-robot-standing” style Matches.

Grudge Match

Some Tournaments may allow Grudge Matches. A Grudge Match may be a team vs. team Match, or it may be a Rumble Round. In a Grudge Match, teams agree to enter the Battle Arena to determine a Grudge Match winner. The procedure for requesting a Grudge Match will be outlined at Tournaments where they are offered and may vary.

Bonus Round

If your team is looking to get in the Battle Arena and compete against (or get stuck on) the Ducks, they should seek out the Bonus RoundTournaments may offer opportunities for the team to revisit their rivals from the Duckbowl. Bonus Rounds are single-robot only.