Reviewing the Duckbowl

We Hope Your Team Had a Hoot (A Quack?)

The Duckbowl is complete! We hope your team had fun, showed off their Brand, practiced safety, and didn’t get Stuck on a Duck! Each time an SRL team competes, it is important to reflect afterward, both individually and as a group. There are several tools you can use to guide your team through this process in order to practice Continuous Improvement.

This section of the Coaches Guide starts off with a Plus/Delta exercise. Then, the team will work together to perform a Competition Analysis to see how they measure up to the competition. Finally, your team will develop a Game Plan to move forward with a purpose, improving on this performance and working toward Team Goals.

Your team’s next Milestone is the Active Weapon Completion. There will be some work to do in the Lead-Up for that, but for now, focus on what just happened.