Duckbowl Bonus Round

Bonus Round Scoring and Rules

The Duckbowl Bonus Round is the first time SRL teams will operate their robots in the Battle Arena. The Bonus Round is a single-robot activity, providing teams with an opportunity to get used to robot controls, load-in / load-out, and score Bonus Points. 

Twenty (20) Standard Ducks will be placed in the Battle Arena along with Four (4) Ugly DucklingsStandard Ducks will be placed semi-randomly and Ugly Ducklings will be in the same general starting spots. Colors, sizes, and decorations of Ducks may vary, but Ugly Ducklings will be visibly different than Standard Ducks.

Teams will have Thirty (:30) seconds to score Bonus Points. Bonus Points can be scored in one of two ways, but a robot must end the Bonus Round in the Battle Arena to receive any Bonus Points. A team cannot have less than Zero (0) Bonus Points.

  • Teams will earn Two (2) Bonus Points for each Standard Duck removed from the Battle Arena. However, each Ugly Duckling removed from the Battle Arena will subtract Ten (10) Bonus Points.
  • If a team removes all Four (4) Ugly Ducklings from the Battle Arena without removing ANY Standard Ducks, the team will score Fifty (50) Bonus Points.

The Trap Door is the only viable way for Ducks to be removed from the Battle Arena. Ducks are not the only thing that can exit the Battle Arena via the Trap Door!

Team robots MUST begin their Bonus Round in Robot Starting Position A or Robot Starting Position B and should wait for the referee countdown to begin the Bonus Round.