VEX team support program

Quarkmine is the leading expert in Northwest Michigan on competitive VEX robotics. 

What is Competitive Robotics??Robotics Events Hours for QuarkmineConnect

Practice, play and colaborate

Our vision is to combine the talents of many minds to create better competitive robots. 

Through this shared "virtual" experience, students and mentors will achieve new heights within their competitive season.

Experience the Quarkmine Advantage

QuarkmineConnect Membership receives special features like discounts and exclusive events throughout the year!

  • Virtual team support - 2 hours per week with online chat rooms
  • Help from Quarkmine Robotics Experts and community mentors​
    • Assistance on strategy design
    • Assistance with Online Challenges
    • Assistance with Game Strategy
    • Assistance with Robot Design
    • Access to Quarkmine Competition Templates for programming 
  • Access with any web-enabaled device with a camera 
  • Collaboration with other teams (Mentors and Students)
  • Invitation to member-only events

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TEAM Membership Options (Intro Rates)

**a team includes 4 or less students, and all mentors registered to a single VEX Robotics team

Standard TEAM Membership

  • HotTeam Membership Cost - $50/month
    **with 2 or more months paid in advance (No yearly contract required)

Pay As You Go

  • No CommitmentTeam Membership Cost - $75 / month

Start your QuarkmineConnect Membership today.  Email Now:




Tinker, create, and collaborate. We are setup with work areas, computers, tools, and equipment.



Compete, game, and have fun. With in-house and external events, there are plenty of opportunities to shine.



Think, do, test. The foundation of make and play is in quarkmining the task.

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