Obstacle Avoidance

This challenge is about teaching a robot to avoid collisions, while reaching a destination as quickly as possible.  It is open to all robots, designs, platforms, sensors and programming languages. 

What can you make your robot do???

Rules and Guidelines

  • The robot must be able to complete the course forward and backward
  • The robot with the lowest score wins

Points are bad!  Your robot will accumulate them by:

  • 1 pt per 1 second on the course
  • 1 pt per obstacle collision
  • Point Multiplier : 1+0.3*(Sensor Count -2)
    • Using 2 sensors: your robot multiplier is 1
    • Using 1 sensor: your robot multiplier is 1-0.3 = 0.7
    • Using 3 sensors: your robot multiplier is 1+0.3 = 1.3

Good Luck and start designing!