Quarkmine Members

If you find yourself wishing to spend more then 2 hours in Quarkmine Space each month, become a member and take advantage of the benifits!

Members receive special features like discounts and exclusive events throughout the year!

  • Extra time for quarkmining
  • Bigger discounts on classes
  • Special member only workshops
  • Free competitive edge team resources
  • Member Only Free Events
  • Access to Quarkmine equipment
  • Ability to teach Quarkminers and generate income!

To those individual and families wanting more - we give you the Quarkmine Membership.

**stop in or call to become a member today!

Membership Options (Intro Rates)

Annual Membership

  • HotMonthly Payment Plan - $30 / month
  • Best Value1 year paid-in-full, $324 (price reflects a 10% discount)

Family Membership

  • Monthly Payment Plan - $75 / month
  • 1 year paid-in-full, $810 (price reflects a 10% discount)

Immediate Family Only

Pay As You Go

  • No CommitmentMonthly Payment Plan - $50 / month

Individual Plans Only

Connect with us today to setup an appointment to tour the possibilities of Quarkmine Space. (231) 421-1987



Tinker, create, and collaborate. We are setup with work areas, computers, tools, and equipment.



Compete, game, and have fun. With in-house and external events, there are plenty of opportunities to shine.



Think, do, test. The foundation of make and play is in quarkmining the task.

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