Robotics and Technology

Isn't that what all of us want our little girls to become? In today's world that feels dominated by the loud voices from boys, what can we do to help our girls become everything that G.I.R.L stands for, especially when thinking about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math... and Robotics?
I was excited to learn that Girl Scouts created a pathway for my daughter, a 2nd grade Brownie, and her troop. I found a guide, full of benchmarks, and badges that were carefully designed in a way that was perfect for my daughter. I also happen to own a robotics company, so I went forward fearlessly. Once our troop's parents saw their silly and chatty girls jumping with excitement while programming robots to race around the room, I had to contact GSMISTS.
My business partner and I formally created a robotics program for troop leaders to help their scouts earn STEM badges. We discovered that many moms felt lost when looking at the requirements for the STEM badges. They weren't saying they couldn't do it, but rather they were never shown that they could do it; or even worse, that they didn't have the certification to do it!
We believe that there is a STEM crisis in America and that parents (moms) hold a key to fixing the problem. Quarkmine isn't just for scouts and badges. We help parents and troop leaders discover that they can do STEM.
Let us help your girls get wildly excited about robots and become a G.I.R.L too, like you!
Philip Leete : parent and co-owner

As a community partner with Michigan Girl Scouts Shore to Shore, Quarkmine is very pleased to work with troops across the region.  

Would you like your troop to earn STEM Robotics Badges??  Are you looking for a fun location where girls can discover robots in a safe, fun, hands-on environment!

  • Quarkmine Space is a company created to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in northern Michigan through events, education and project-based hands-on learning.
  • Specialized workshops have been designed for girl scouts, 2nd to 8th grade.
  • Our workshops align with each of the programs!
  • Conviently Located in Traverse City - with easy parking

2074 W South Airport Rd.Traverse City, MI 49684
Reserve your time today - contact Philip for details


All Robotics Programs

  • A Quick link to all Girl Scout Badges
  • What Robots Do and How Robots Move
    • Spend some time around robots, moving robots, watching robots and interacting with robots.  Ask some tough questions and have fun discovering the answers!
      • 1 hr. for each badge - $5/girl - flexible scheduling
  • Programming Robots
    • Learn how to program a robot to race others in your troop during an exciting girl scouts STEM Robots and Cookie workshop.  Be the first to deliver your cookies by robot!
      • 1 hr. - $5/girl - flexible scheduling
  • Designing Robots
    • Let your troop solve a Girl Scout Cookie challenge by designing robot to meet the demands of cookie delivery.  This fun workshop will teach design principals while having FUN with COOKIES!
      • 1 hr. - $5/girl - flexible scheduling
  • Showcasing Robots
    • After taking on STEM Robotics - weather independently or with the Quarkmine's workshops, give your troupe the chance to showcase their robot designs at Quarkmine Space during the Girl Scout STEM Showcase event.
    • Saturday, April 14th at Quarkmine Space - 10am to 12pm
      • 2 hr. event - $2/girl

Daisy Robotics

for troop leaders - Daisy Robotics Badge Requirements

  • What Robots Do
  • How Robots Move
  • ​Design a Robot


Brownie Robotics

for troop leaders - Brownie Robotics Badge Requirements

  • Designing Robots
  • Programming Robots
  • Showcasing Robots


Junior Robotics

for troop leaders - Junior Robotics Badge Requirements

  • Programming Robots
  • Designing Robots
  • Showcasing Robots


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