The Impact of COVID-19

For the last six years, Quarkmine has been Northern Michigan’s leader in competitive STEM events. Whether it’s robotics, 3D printing, or computer science competitions, Quarkmine is synonymous with quality events. In fact, running top-notch events that inspire students is at the heart of why we started Quarkmine.

The global crisis has forced us to take a realistic look at doing what is best for students, parents, and spectators. We asked ourselves if it is possible to maintain the high level of quality we have become known for and keep our participants safe. It is with a heavy heart that we have made the difficult decision not to run any competitive events for the 2020-2021 season. This includes the Robotics State Championship. 

We decided it was time for something even better, something that acknowledged the realities our participants are facing…

Quarkmine is Innovating!

We are still here to help with your STEM program needs. Here’s what we are offering as high quality and safer experiences for students this year.

  • High-energy, in-class instruction tailored for your students
  • Small group workshops 
  • Comprehensive STEM consulting for your district or school
  • Custom virtual classes on-demand
  • Personalized student support
  • Your amazing STEM idea here! 

Let's Innovate Together

Technology Keeps Moving

So Does Quarkmine

2021 has brought many challenges. It has also brought opportunities to grow, change, and adapt. 

Like many of you, Quarkmine is pivoting to make the best out of a difficult situation. We are excited to create custom solutions to engage your students with technology.

You have enough on your plate. 

Quarkmine will take care of integrating technology into your classroom!