Considering Competitive Robotics???

Quarkmine can help you understand the options and pick what is best for your family's need. Competition Pathway Handout


A great starting point for any student or family that is interested in learning more about robotics


A relaxed and casual introduction to competition

  • A shorter commitment and has a less intense competition atmosphere
  • Students work in small teams of 2 - 4 members 
  • Team members should expect to spend 1-2 hours practicing per week
    • Some coordination of scheduling required
  • Compete in a few opportunities that will test the team's robot designs


Test your skills against the best!  A wide variety of teams will choose this pathway. 

Traverse Bay Region? Quarkmine Team Membership

  • High level of robot design and feeling of commitment to a team
  • Teams may spend more than 4 hours per week thinking through the design process and perfecting their robot
  • Teams will likely create many robot designs during a season
  • Competitions will include multiple teams from around the state with a competitive atmosphere
  • Variety of experience/skill levels between the teams
    • Teams will use Winning / Losing opportunities to grow and learn!  
    • Teams want to win
    • Learn to balance goal setting vs time management and skill level
    • Student driven and Student led
    • Coordinate team skills with other teams to maximize results 
    • Teams are trying to be the absolute best that they can be and for some, that means making it to the World Championship! 

Sometimes teams will win.  Other times, teams will lose.  But always, teams will get up again and learn from the experience!